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address:4626 E ft Lowell Suite F Synergy plaza 

When:by appt only tuesday-friday between 10-3pm

How: request online or text 520-314-7794

Wait time expected for first visit: 2-3 weeks average

Request has not been responded yet?: The specialist is either unavailable, ill, not during scheduling hours, or out of town. Please know the the specialist at facial entity is just like you always view the current notification page down below for any absence or new current info. 

(Schedule is subject to change at any time)

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share some current policies and wait time for an appt. I am a solo practice, and only specialist to conduct all services and much more! Due to no additional help I do get booked our very quickly. Please be aware that on average there is a estimated wait time or 2-3 weeks to schedule an appt. Just know if you do schedule an app but cancel, there is a wait time to reschedule. As any other company there is policies to be followed. If a client gives a less than a 4 hrs cancellation or last minute  cancellations  there will be a reschedule fee of $30 for lost appt time. Also if you are late as a new client of 12 mins there will be no service taken and will need to reschedule as well. Please arrive early as a new client. 


Current Promotions 

classic LAsh extensions full set $100/2hr session

3 MIcroderms package $100/30min sessions

4 Microderms package $150/30min session

3 superpeel package $150/35min sessions

4 superpeel package $200/35min sessions


2 microderm Facial $200/60min sessions  Free peel upgrade!

3 Microderm facial $250/60min sessions   free peel upgrade!

New Client Promotions

 classic Lash extensions full set $75

1 Microderm $45

1 super peel $45


Linda is awesome! Very professional and Knowledgeable.
I had a great experience. I loved the microdermabrasion and the way my skin looked and felt afterwards. I will definitely be a return customer!
I’ve had my lashes done at other places and nothing compares to the quality of these! Two weeks and I’ve only lost a couple of lashes and even then, I love to swim and I brought that on myself! I’m so excited! Thank you so much!
Very professional and knowledgeable. My first ever facial and it is worth it!