Adhesive glue knowlege

Adhesive and FDA Approval

  (Facial Entity uses Lash Tavern Adhesive glue, read below for more info on product)

  • First, and foremost the FDA makes no recommendation and in no way has a regulation for eyelash extension adhesive. Lash Tavern adhesive, like most cyanoacrylate adhesive Lash Tavern adhesive has no formaldehyde added ingredients.
  • Lash Tavern are serious about not only the quality but also the safety of all their products. The adhesives use the same ingredients and properties as medical grade adhesives used in the medical industry.

 Adhesive fume levels


Hypoallergenic Adhesive

  • Unfortunately there is no such thing as a true hypoallergenic glue. Every eyelash adhesive on the market is made of cyanoacrylate which is the cause for allergic reactions with clients or the extensions itself. Some adhesives have lesser amounts of cyanoacrylate which are typically labeled as sensitive adhesives.


  • That being said, if you have sensitive eyes ,call around and seek before, and ask if your particular lash stylist carry sensitive adhesive. Facial Entity uses the Pro Classic Adhesive. 

Adhesive and Formaldehyde / Latex

  • All of Lash Tavern adhesives are completely free of latex and formaldehyde additives.

For further info on Lash Tavern products you may visit Lashtavern.Com