Glycolic Peel Treatment 20-30 mins includes consultation time and form fill out

* Please arrive with not face makeup. eyes lips are fine. if specialist needs to remove makeup this will take away service time. thank you.

*Please come to your appointment with a clean face. No facial Makeup( eye & lip is fine) this will take away from actual service time and will be shorten.*

Who should not get a Glycolic Chemical Peel?

*A skin consultation will be examined first with the client. The specialist will discuss if a Glycolic Peel is right for you and determine if another skin care treatment is better suited by his/her skin type, & sensitivities scale. Please listen to your trained Skin Care Specialist, if she/he does not advise the peel please understand it is for the well being of the clients skin care. 

*Read Prior to appointment,if any apply the treatment will be delayed. If any of these apply to the client, please notify your specialist if you have already scheduled an appointment. You may not be a right candidate for the treatment or a different skin care will be recommended, that is better suited for your skin type or condition, or your treatment may be prolonged for a certain amount of recommended time frame. Thank You.

  • do not work out (vigorous exercise) prior to appointment. at least 3 hrs before appointment. This will cause the skin to be warmer than normal, flustered etc. 
  • skin analysis will be done first. if there is any signs of redness, inflammation, extreme warmth on the face,  or anything listed below , during the analysis the treatment may be prolonged. 
  • People who are planning on going on a vacation where they will be exposed to a lot of sun, before a wedding or any special occasion with in 3-4 weeks. ( due to irritation, purge phase etc.) Some client purge immediately, or within couple days, this is all up to the clients skin.  will be explained by your specialist if it applies to you.
  • Orally or topically taking any medication  or applying medication to the skin that causes hypersensitivities, to the sun or redness/irritation/flakiness to the skin etc. Example: Acne or anti-aging products.
  • Currently using skin care products with Rentinol, Rentin-A (6-8 weeks prior if skin is still red, dry/flaky , irriated, treatment will be prolonged another 2 weeks), Salycilic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Benzel Peroxide, Hychloric Acid, Citric Acid products 2 weeks prior to appointment etc. Mostly anti-aging or acne products will have these chemicals in them. Remember these make the  skin hyper sensitive to the sun etc.
  • Had a professional chemical peel done within 6 weeks(superficial Peel) 7-8 weeks for Medium depth peels, 6months for deep peels. 
  • allergic to Asprin 
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • cosmetic permanent makeup/ tattoo with in 6 weeks
  • Recurring rash, or active, recent rash on facial area.
  • orally taking  any antibiotics prescribed by a Physician.
  • Recent injury to the facial area. or any recent or current bruise on the face area
  • under going chemotherapy or recently stop (6 month min) or longer if advised.
  • Any recent surgery or procedure done on facial area.(includes dental) depends on the circumstance, prolong treatment at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Active herpes
  • Active Acne( red, irritated, open wounds )
  • warts
  • recent skin removal on face by Doctor 
  • open legions
  • sensitive to highly sensitive skin (not advised) alternative skin care treatment is recommended.
  • recent sun burn
  • serious rash that came about or other skin conditions that is recent and has not been diagnoised by a Doctor.
  • allergies to citrus fruit or sugar
  • sensitivities to chemicals, new products etc
  • facial waxing with in 2 weeks
  • Any recent facial treatment such as laser, led treatment,IPL, Dermaplaining, Microblading,skin resurfacing, etc within 6 or 8 weeks prior
  • recent facial injections such as Botox, Dysport, fillers, collagen etc.with in min of 3 weeks or longer.

Please consult your doctor PRIOR to appointment if any apply, please  get special permission.Thank you

  • If pregnant
  • Under going and receiving fertility treatments
  • If nursing/ lactating
  • Had radioactive treatments within 6 months or more
  • Had chemotherapy treatments within 6 months or more
  • Have Diabetes and using medication for diabetes
  • Have any Auto immune disease
  • active herpes or orally ingesting or topically using medication to keep control
  • Or any other conditions that has been diagnosed and regularly see a Doctor every 6 month to a year or more frequent. .

Benefits of a Glycolic Peel?


There is a superficial peel. There are medium depth peel, and a deep medical grade peel offered as well at  other clinics or spas. Here at Facial Entity, superficial peel is only offered.

Glycolic peel(superficial) is great for:

  • prevention of breakouts, minimize oil production on treated area.
  • Exfoliation of the skin, good cleaning out the pores.
  • great for clients who are suffering from recurring black heads( nose most common area) 
  • rejuvenate the skin to bring a youthful glow
  • smooth out skin texture and tone
  • minimize fine line 
  • lighten acne scars, age spots, sun spots, dark spots.( at least 4 or more treatments is advised depending on the severity of the spots)
  • Helps with hyperpigmentation.( at least 4 or more is treatments is advised depending on the serverity of the pigments)
  • Retain moisture
  • helps reduce oily skin
  • Helps with cell turn over rate, increase collagen production and elastin.
  • Great for most skin types. excludes sensitive skin 

Superficial Glycolic Peel Can't help


  •  sagging of the skin
  • deep wrinkles 
  • Bags or bulges on the skin or under eye bags

For Men

  • Shave the facial area about 3-4 days prior to your appointment. 
  • Do Not come in with a fresh shaved face from the same day, this will cause the area to be too sensitive, for the peel to be done and  the treatment will be prolonged.
  • Can shave 1-2 days after treatment, (not a close shave) after 5 days it can be a regular shave.

What to expect Before, during and after treatment

(Recommended 4-6 treatments at 5-6 week intervals for optimal results)

  • First there will be a consultation with the specialist
  • there will be time to fill out intake form and informed consent
  • time to ask and answer any questions the client may have.
  • The treatment will then begin.
  • First the clients skin will be cleansed to remove any dirt,oil or makeup residue.
  • Then the chemical peel treatment will begin.
  • During the treatment the client may feel little discomfort or irritation, which is expected.
  • Clients may feel tingling, burning or itchy sensations. (These sensations may linger after the peel has been neutralized) DO NOT itch the skin or be harsh on the skin. 
  • The Glycolic peel will be evenly applied to the clients face.
  • During this process the peel will then sit on the face for an average of 30 seconds, up to a few minutes depending on client comfort level and clients experience of peels in the past. 
  • Once the appropriate time has passed, the peel will then be neutralized.
  • Once the peel is being neutralized the irritation and discomfort level will slowly minimize. 
  • The client may have slight red or pink skin tone, comparable to a mild sunburn on certain areas of the face( most common is nose area, jawline, or cheek. It can be anywhere but these are the most common areas.)
  • It is normal for some redness/pink and irritation to the skin,but very slightly.(redness and irritation will also depend on clients skin type and sensitivity level) Last about few hour to couple days depending on the clients skin healing process. It will slowly minimize over a few days.
  • Once the skin had been neutralize the specialist will apply appropriate skin care products.
  • This will consist of the treatment. 
  • The specialist will then discuss post skin care, also any recommendation.  ( review down below)

What to expect after the treatment is complete?

  • It is normal and expected for the skin to be some what irritated or red, severity depends on the skin type as well, this will subside, rate depends on your skin type.( within 24hrs-couple weeks depends on the clients skin type and how fast their healing  process is ) 
  • With a Glycolic Peel there is no serious down time. 
  • The client may wear light makeup application as soon as 24 hours after peel. 48 hrs is recommended for full makeup application. 
  • You can still go to work and continue with your regular routine.
  • Post skin care will be explained before the client leaves.
  • Do's and Don't will also be explained before the client leaves.

Post Treatment Care-Do's (Yes!)

(Please review and follow instructions)

  • Wear  Broad Spectrum 30 SPF or above to protect the skin from the sun, even on a cloudy day.
  • Wear a good moisturizer that is gentle, without harsh chemicals or Acids built in them.
  • Wash your face with cool to cold water for the next few days after Chemical Peel treatment. This will sooth and calm the skin.
  • Avoid Steam, steam vapor or anything that will bring heat to the face for a week.
  • Cooling masks are ok. Such as 100% Aloe Vera Gel, organic cooling/ hydrating mask etc . remember to look at the ingrediant/label make sure there is no harsh chemicals, acids or alchol/menthol in them!
  • keep the treated area highly moisturized. Examples of Moisturizer is Vaseline, Aquahor, anything that is mild and made for sensitive skin is recommended for the next 2-3 weeks

Post Treatment-Don't (No!)

Remember after a Peel, It is normal for the skin to feel slightly warm,or look like a light sunburn . Do not itch, pick or rub the face! Use a clean wash cloth with cool to cold water to place over the face and repeat, this will sooth and calm down the skin for at home remedy. 

  • Do not pick at the skin if,  the client experiences a purge phase(Skin breakout such as zits or pimples) or flaking to the skin(dryness dry spots).(normal) Some clients may get slight scales on the skin, very thin superficial, looks like a freckle, do not pick at your skin! Let your skin heal it self . This is all superficial shedding. This is a normal effect. This can occur few days to few weeks after treatment is performed for some client they will not experience these effects. Does not mean it did not work, your skin is tougher and cleaner than you thought!
  • avoid the pool for 2 weeks. During the summer or warmer days do not be exposed to the sun for 3 weeks. Wear a hat,sunblock and do not go outside at the peak of the day. Remember even on a cloudy day there is still sun rays! wear your protections.
  • Avoid heat- such as hot steam, hot showers, sauna's, hot baths etc. for about 1.5 week after treatment
  • Do not apply any treatment product on your skin that contains harsh chemicals or acids (3 weeks after treatment) , Do not pick at your skin when it is purging/flaking/Scaling . Leave it alone.
  • Avoid skin mask such as firming, clay etc this will irritate or dry the skin.
  • Don't wear makeup for full 24 hours after your treatment.
  • Do not exfoliate the skin with any products that will scrub the skin surface or a manual face brush, also avoid rough hand towels. (2 weeks)
  • Do not use any skin care products with acid in them. Example; Salicylic, Glycolic, Citrus, Rentinol, Rentin-A etc. Only use gentle products for next 3 weeks.

If you have any further questions  or concerns that is not listed above please feel free to contact your specialist. Text 520-314-7794