Microdermabrasion Treatment

(Who should not get a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

*People who have:

  • Broken Capillaries  
  • Muture skin, delicate skin, thin skin
  • open sores on face
  • had a professional peel ( within 5 weeks -6 months depending on the strength of the peel and type)
  • using any at home skincare with Rentinol, Glycolic, Salycilic, or any other harsh chemicals on the face within 3 weeks. 
  • Using any prescribed or topical skincare that make your skin hyper sensitive. Example: acne or anti aging skincare products.
  • active rash or recurring rash undiagnoised. 
  • warts
  • recent sun burn
  • servere active rosaessa 
  • highly sensitive skin
  • active keloids
  • un-diagnoise legions
  • pregnant depending on circumstances.
  • Active acne
  • Any recent surgery or procedure done on  facial area (includes dental procedure) prolong treatment for at least 2-3 weeks.
  • ANY recent injection such as collagen,Dysport, fillers, Botox etc within 3 weeks.
  • Waxing within 2 weeks
  • Skin resurfacing, laser treatments or any other skin care treatments within 6 weeks.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion Treatment

great for all skin types 

(For optimal results 4-6 treatments in 2-3 week intervals is recommended to maintain results)

  • Deep exfoliation
  • This will also act as extraction technique. It will minimize  blackheads large pores. 
  • help prevention of acne
  • lighten acne scars
  • lighten hyper-pigmentation
  • minimize sunspots
  • minimize age spots
  • minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • revitalize the skin cell turn over rate
  • increase collagen production and Elastin
  • retain moisture
  • reduce oily skin

Is there any down time?

  •  no down time. 
  • This treatment is non-invasive and most clients report it feels relaxing or comparable to a light facial massage sensation.
  • This is a in and out treatment.
  • Good sun block/ moisturizer is recommended after.

What is a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

  • Microdermabrasion is non-invasive treatment.
  • Here at Facial Entity Diamond tip wand is used ( smoother on the skin, more gentle )
  • The sensation a client may experience is a vacuum suction, exfoliation  from the diamond tip and a mild vibration feeling.
  • Microdermabrasion is painless, and most clients report it is "relaxing."
  • Great for all skin types including young adults(pre-teens, to help prevention of acne, blemishes, and keeping the skin healthy.)

What to expect Before, During and After your Treatment?

  • First there will be a consultation with your specialist.
  • There will be time to ask and answer any questions the client may have.
  • The treatment will then begin.
  • First the the cleansing of the clients face to remove any dirt,oil or makeup residue.
  • The treatment will then begin with the Microdermabrasion treatment. 
  • The specialist will start with the appropriate level for the clients skin type and experience.
  • The specialist will start at the forehead, then work up to all parts of the facial area.
  • a certain technique will be performed to treat every circumference of the  face.
  • Once the Microdermabrasion treatment is complete, the specialist will then apply good moisturizer and product to ensure the maximum result. 
  • The client will be advise how to take care of post skin,&  treatment plan.

How to take care of my skin after

  • Good sunblock at least SPF of 30 or above is advised. Daily
  • No Exfoliation of the skin for at least 1 week. This includes no exfoliation product or manual brushes.
  • good moisturizer, daily. Always make sure it is not harsh for the skin and made for sensitive skin. (2 weeks) 
  • no facial waxing or any specialty skincare treatments for 1 week