Client and Specialist Relationship

What is a client? A client is someone one or a living creature that you are providing a service to. For those in the beauty business it can get a little difficult to please everyone who steps through the door. In my experience I came to accept you can't please everyone. Sometimes, clients may have higher expectations or they think you can perform miracles. It can be dissatisfying when a client complains that your space isn't to their preference ,or the music your playing isn't the right tune or the service wasn't long enough etc. 

The relationship between client and specialist is very important. Sometimes clients are not aware of what the service includes or what it is related to it. In my experience a client rather wright a bad review, instead of addressing their issue before they leave. I have had clients who didn't show any signs that they were displeased, but then I find out in reviews. This element was always confusing to me. Why would a client seen happy, even give a generous tip if they were not happy? If a client could speak up, the specialist can accommodate and give a free upgrade or service of some sort. 

For big established companies to independently owned, I'm sure we have encountered this experience. The service time wasn't long enough or didn't do a good job, this can really make the specialist feel unworthy. Being in this business for years I have experienced many unworthy clients. Clients should also have a respect for the specialist. Specialist are pressured to be perfect. People are people, regardless what your job tittle is, there should always be understanding and respect. I  have had clients of all ages ranging from teen to elderly. I came to conclusion its not the age that make a client rude or distasteful but their personality, that everything is revolved around them. Clients is what makes a business going, but without specialist there is no place for them to go.... Where ever I go, if its to the dinner with my family, at the the store I always follow the golden rule " treat others on how you want to be treated." This is something we heard of or learned usually at a very young age. 

When people build loyal clientele base, it is mainly because they like you in particular. If someone does not return it can be for many reasons; they are not loyal, didn't have a good experience or didn't like you as a person. I have learned you can't take the rejection personal.

I have found out with my years of experience that you can not please everyone. The expectation one has might not be realistic. Some clients see a specialist as miracle workers or have magic powers. Yes Skin Care Specialist can help to reduce, minimize and educate to help clients ,but nothing is 100%. 

Lets all follow the golden rule and treat people with kindness regardless of title. This world is too small to create negative spaces between us. This blog is dedicated to all Specialist in the beauty industry who feel unworthy or stress form clients. I have seen this struggle over and over and it needs to be addressed. 

Written by Linda Esthetician

The right Skin Care

Skin care is very important and can't be ignored. Using the right products on the skin is going to give optimal results and less adverse effects on the skin. Everyone has different skin types. Some may have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, delicate skin, dry skin, combination skin, mature skin etc. Receiving the right skin care regime is the first step. 

For example; if a person has dry skin, hydration is key. Keep the skin hydrated and stay away from too much exfoliation (no more than 1-2x a week) of the skin and also skin care products that is drying to the skin with harsh chemicals.  Someone who has oily to acne prone skin, use skin care products that target and prevent breakouts. People with acne prone skin to oily skin should exfoliate no more than 3x a week with a at home exfoliant. Skin care products with Salicylic, and Glycolic  acids can help with acne prone skin and also people who need have oil control.

Older people who may have delicate to muture skin are most likely have sensitive skin as well, but not always. Usually people over the age 50 can develope more thin skin due to the loss of elastin and collogen.  Anti-aging products with Hyaluonic acid, Rentinol, Rentin-A (precribed by Dr), Ceramides, Cholesterol based skin care lines may help with production of elastin, collogen and have anti-aging properties to prevent the signs of aging as well. Receiving specialty treatments such as; Facials, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning just to name a few, can really turn back the time and also prevent aging for younger adults. 

Written By Linda, Esthetician MA

Skin Health

Our daily skin care routine is more important than you thought. Not only does our skin allow us to look more youthful and more attractive, the actual skin health will help you maintain the radiance . This may prevent  future skin conditions, as well as recurring skin conditions. Poor skin health can lead to many hateful skin dilemmas such as; acne, dull skin, inflammation, dryness etc. 

We don't need to be tough and harsh to our skin, with over skin exfoliation , facial scrubs and skin care products, this may deteriorate the protective barrier function. It will also strip the ph level of the skin. The skin has good bacteria that fights off the bad bacteria and help the skin maintain its overall health. When our skin is over exfoliated or use skin care products that may be too harsh, it may do more harm than good. 

The skin is amazing part of our body system. Not only does it show our glow, youth, age, dullness etc, it also protects us from the outer elements such as wind, water, pollution, sun rays, and  free radicals, just to name a few. We need to bring to our attentions the skin needs more than foundation, it needs a proper skin care routine daily to maintain health and balance to prevent future aging or certain skin care conditions. 

Always be kind to the skin, and it will show its glory! 

written by Linda, Esthetician MA