Please read prior to appointment!

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • Please arrive on time. It is advised to arrive 5-10 mins early to fill out forms.
  • Please give at least a 24hr notification for cancellation or reschedule. Any thing less there will be a reschedule fee of $35 for any future appointments.
  • Please do not get lost. If your  15 minutes late your will be canceled completely. If your appointment gets canceled due to being too Late there is a reschedule fee of $35. Regardless of reasons being late. Please remember there are clients before and after you.
  • You may text 520-314-7794 or fill out the cancellation/reschedule form. This way it is ensured that you message has gone through( If you did not get a confirm back it did not go through and there will be a fee implied! Please resend). *Please no email or voicemail notification*

  • If due to unexpected emergency such as family or  illness, please give at least a 2 hrs notification or there will be a reschedule fee of $35.
  • Please do not keep rescheduling for the same appointment. After three reschedule or cancel for the same appointment there will be a $50 reschedule fee for the 4th appointment. Facial Entity is trying to build quality clientele base and keep the integrity of client and specialist relationship. 
  • Please arrive quietly. Please take phone calls or conversations outside and put cells phones on vibrate or silent.  
  • Please understand sometimes there is a wait time to start service, about 10 minutes. ( I try my best to stay on a strict schedule to start and end service for the next client) Please understand Facial Entity is operated and run by one person who takes care of everything including greeting, consultation, call backs/text backs request service etc. 
  • Please review the service type regarding your treatments Prior to appointment. If there is any questions or concerns please ask during consultation time or text prior to appointment
  • Please understand policies are made to ensure quality control between client and for the specialist. I understand that sometimes being late, lost, or running behind, it happens to everyone.

**To notify for cancellation or reschedule text is best to make sure your message has gone through 520-314-7794 or fill out reschedule or cancellation form notification. Remember if you do not get a confirm back it did not go through and there will be a fee! Please re send. If your specialist does not get it on her behalf it will be noted as a " no show" or late notice. Thank you!