Please read prior to appointment!

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • Please arrive on time or about 10 mins early is advised, that way a client has time to use the restroom and get a head start on consultation time and form fill out.

  • Please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hrs in advance! There are potential clients on the waiting list.  Less than 24 hrs, a no show clients or a late client of 12 mins, there will be a $35 reschedule fee that will be implemented towards any future appointments! Remember all appointments are logged and used as reference.

  • ***Don't get lost! please know how to get to Facial Entity on time. There are clients scheduled before and after you! Your not the only client for the day, please know the location and how to get there on time. Remember regardless of the excuse if your 12 mins late your appointment most likely will be canceled and option to reschedule with a$35 reschedule fee!! (Contact page is located on top left of website to help with address.)

  • Due to illness or emergency please give notification at least 2 hrs in advance or a fee of $35 will be implemented for any future appointments. (best way of notification is text method 520-314-7794)

  • ***Facial Entity has reserved a certain time block for the client, please be mindful that if the client does not show,is late or cancels at the last minute, your specialist has been stood up or it makes it more difficult to notify someone on the cancellation list to replace the spot, and it is costly. Please don't waste peoples time and money!! Linda-Facial entity is highly requested and there is extreme wait time for people. please give proper notice, that way a another potential client can be informed of the open availability. Thank you!

  • Have "spa etiquette" and arrive peacefully and quietly, since there might be a service being performed, don't want to disturb, with loud noise.Please take phone calls outside! turn off cell or put it on silent before service begins.

  • Please no talking on cell phones while inside the waiting area. Anything loud that may disturb service in progress. Some clients sense of hearing is more in tunes when eyes closed.  Thank you.

  • Please arrive on time or about 5-10 mins early to use restroom if needed and to fill out forms.

  • **If you are going to be more than 12 mins late for an appointment, your scheduled appointment might be rescheduled,prorated, or canceled completely, depending on the service type. Some services offered need the whole time block to perform (Super peel, lash services). There will be a reschedule fee of $35 for late clients!! 

  • If your are late for an appointment for skin care services ,it  will be prorated which means it will be shortened or may be rescheduled(facials, microderm only). there will be a reschedule fee of $35 for late clients who need to reschedule!

  • If you are late for Lash Extension service your appointment will be canceled completely. This service needs a certain amount of time to complete and it is the longest service to complete. Be on time or about 10 mins early is advised.

***Other policies are on the policy page, please review prior to appointment***  

To notify for cancellation or reschedule text is best to make sure your message has gone through 520-314-7794