Current Notification

  • *There is no weekend appts available at this time. Facial Entity is operated by a solo Specialist and schedule is subject to change at anytime with out notice. Please always visit the website to be aware of any current important info. 

  • There is a wait time to get an appt with Facial Entity. 2 weeks or more is normal and average to see the specialist at Facial Entity. Please schedule in advance or prebook before you leave from previous appt. 

  • Holidays and other days may not be available and clients will be scheduled around it. If the specialist is not availble do to personal absence, sickness, or on vacation, clients will be scheduled when she returns.

Not be available for appts or not able to respond. Please respect this personal leave. 

  • July 25-30th 
  • July July 10-15th

New client helpful info

  • please arrive on time. 

  • new clients please arrive at least 12mins early to fill out forms.

  • know how to get to the location in advance. if you are 12 mins late, no service will be taken regardless of reason.there is a reschedule fee for lost appt time. 

  • between 10-3pm the specialist may not be able to receive phone calls. she is a solo practice and is busy with clients. text is always best method and fastest.

  • facial entity is booked out. wait time of 1-2 weeks sometimes longer depending on specialist availability.


Book an Appointment

All appointments must be scheduled in advance. I am a solo practice and do not have a receptionist, etc, therefore, you will need to fill out the request form  or text 520-275-4171 between 10-3 Tuesday-Friday. When requesting an appointment through text, please leave your name, along with service type, and a convenient day and time frame for your appointment and your request will be returned within 24 hrs or less on open days  in the order it was received. Please review the current Notification page below to be aware of my absence and not able to return or schedule appointment requests. Thank you!

Wait time For an Appointment

Since I am a solo practice and only specialist, there is wait time to book an appointment. Please book in advance or pre-book before leaving your previous appointment is highly recommended. There is wait time to get in. The average wait time is about 2 week or more. There is no same day appointment available! Facial Entity will try best to get customers scheduled soon as possible for given request days.

Cancellations/Reschedule Policy 

I understand that sometimes there is  a last minute emergency or forgetting an appt time etc we have all been there, although these mistakes can happen to anyone there is still a fee for a missed appt or arriving 12 mins late. For new clients it is advised by the specialist to arrive 10-12 mins early to fill out new client forms, for returning clients just be on time:). Please give at least a 24 hr notice if you need to cancel or reschedule that way it can be possibly replaced by some one on the waiting list. Facial Entity is booked out, every spot counts. If there is an absolute last minute emergency before your appt, please still notify your specialist right away text is best or call and leave a message if its not answered, Then the client will not be logged as a no show" and the reschedule fee will be waived. 

Text 520-275-4171 if you need to cancel or reschedule asap  there is a reschedule fee. 

Contact Method

Hi there. The specialist at Facial Entity will contact customers accordingly and in order it was received. The best method is text message. Since there is only one specialist she is working all day  with clients.  It is more proactive to contact by text and get a faster response time. Thank you. Customers will be contacted by the information given.

The Specialist can not stay after 3pm. Please do not request a later time frame. Weekend appts are not available at this time.Please understand appts are not taken at 3:00. The latest appt for lash extension is 1:00 and skin care is either 2 or 2:30 depending on the service type. Book in advance there is about 2-3 week wait time on average, sometimes longer. Thank you