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Skin Care

(Targeted specialty Treatments)

+1 Super Peel Face only $65+ (review for super peel page for more info)

+1 Super Peel Face Neck & Decolte $85+

+1 Microdermabrasion Face only $50+

+1 Microdermabrasion Neck & Decolte $70+

Facials- facials are recommended once a month for best results

-Revitalizing Facial- great for dull skin, dehydrated skin, prevention of aging, and overall clarity 60 min/$85

-Brightening Facial-great for reducing pigmentation, texture, and overall tone of the skin 60 min/$75

-Anti-acne reducing facial-great for acne prone skin, oily skin, texture, help reduce breakouts overall 60 mins/$75

-Pick me up facial-great for some one who needs a deep cleanse and hydration of the skin. (no extractions, or specialty treatments included) $20 mins/ $30

add on to facials-

Glycolic Peel $20

Microdermabration $15

aroma sensory journey $10