Please read prior to appointment!

24 hr cancellation required

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • ***Please arrive on time. It is advised to arrive 12-15 mins early to fill out forms( new clients).
  • Please give at least a 24hr notification for cancellation or reschedule. Any thing less there will be a reschedule fee of $35 for any future appointments.
  • ****No show clients will not be tolerated, fee will not be waived. Do not be a "No show client" it is very costly for your specialist to waist a time slot that could of been replaced if there was a notification. No show clients will have to pay a reschedule fee of $35 for skin care or $50 for lash extension/beauty services, which is less than a full amount. Be aware that appointments need to be respected and kept, if not there needs to be a notification asap. Also last minute emergency, client needs to contact the specialist asap regardless within 2 hrs before appt time is required. If there is no contact before the appt time at all, there will be a reschedule fee applied. Thank you. 
  • Please no voicemail or email notification. Please text. Thank you!
  • No show clients with out notification will be logged. If the client has two no shows with out notification the client will be dropped and there will be no refunds. Facial Entity is building quality clientele, please respect other peoples time. 
  • Everyone has last minute emergency issues sometimes. It is not an excuse to miss an appt without notification to your specialist by text or online form. Forgetting an appt is not an emergency. Fee will apply.
  • There is no reminder notification for clients. Clients are responsible to keep appointment date. Facial Entity is ran by solo person who conducts all service and appointments, during open hours. She may attempt to send text notification but it is not a guarantee reminder for the client. She is very busy. If your unsure of your appointment date, please contact specialist and she will let you know exact date in advance. If you are unable to remember appointments ask your specialist before leaving your appointment for a reminder notification. 
  • Please do not get lost. If your  15 minutes late your will be canceled completely. If your appointment gets canceled due to being too Late there is a reschedule fee of $35. Regardless of reasons being late. Please remember there are clients before and after you and their time slot needs to be respected and kept. Remember you are not the only client of the day, there are others scheduled as well.
  • You may text 520-314-7794 or fill out the cancellation/reschedule form. This way it is ensured that you message has gone through( If you did not get a confirm back it did not go through and there will be a fee implied! Please resend). *Please no email or voicemail notification*

  • If due to unexpected emergency such as family or  illness, please give at least a 2 hrs notification or there will be a reschedule fee of $35.
  • Please do not keep rescheduling for the same appointment. After three reschedule or cancel for the same appointment there will be a $50 reschedule fee for the 4th appointment. Facial Entity is trying to build quality clientele base and keep the integrity of client and specialist relationship. 
  • Please arrive quietly. Please take phone calls or conversations outside and put cells phones on vibrate or silent.  
  • Please understand sometimes there is a wait time to start service, about 10 minutes. ( I try my best to stay on a strict schedule to start and end service for the next client) Please understand Facial Entity is operated and run by one person who takes care of everything including greeting, consultation, call backs/text backs request service etc.  Please do not call for appointments it will not be answered since the specialist is with clients all day back to back. Text is best and it will be returned accordingly. Thank you.
  • Please review the service type regarding your treatments Prior to appointment. If there is any questions or concerns please ask during consultation time or text prior to appointment
  • Please understand policies are made to ensure quality control between client and for the specialist. I understand that sometimes being late, lost, or running behind, it happens to everyone.

**To notify for cancellation or reschedule text is best to make sure your message has gone through 520-314-7794 or fill out reschedule or cancellation form notification. Remember if you do not get a confirm back it did not go through and there will be a fee! Please re send. If your specialist does not get it on her behalf it will be noted as a " no show" or late notice. Thank you!

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  • Please refrain from text/calls until Wednesday-Friday and Sunday from 10-3. Please respect personal time, no text or call after 3:00 (Unless its a concern/question) Reschedule request will also be returned during open hours, but notify at anytime!


  • ***Understand since it is ran by one person if she is ill or has a family emergency, Facial Entity will be closed, and resume. All schedule clients will be notified asap and there will be a notification for any future appointments scheduled. 

Please review the policy below.

Facial Entity is located at 4626 E FT Lowell Rd suite F in the Synergy Plaza inside AZ Massage Company


  • Tips is not mandatory, but appreciated. Remember gratuity is not added on to the service amount, tip is based on full service amount not discounted amount.

****Reservation Policy

  • Please arrive on time to your appointment. (new clients please arrive 5 mins early to fill out forms)
  • If your unsure of your appointment date please text 520-314-7794  and your specialist will get back to you asap. Please don't confirm at the last minute, if your specialist is with a client she/he is unable to answer or text, and it might be too late. 24 hrs is recommended.
  •  The client is solely responsible for the appointment to be kept. Your specialist is responsible to keep his/her appointment with the clients , please show the same gratitude.
  • ***If you miss your appointment $35 reschedule fee will be applied, you are a " no show, too late (15 mins) or no call within 24 hrs"
  • ***Late clients who happens to show up still, but she/he is 15 mins late there will be a $35 reschedule fee!! With new clients it will be canceled completely since there are forms and other criteria that need to be done. Established clients who are late it will take away from service time. Thank you. 
  • Services will begin and end on time as courtesy to the next guest.
  • If you are 15 mins late, to your appointment it will be  canceled or reschedule. 
  • "No call""No show" Clients will  be charge a fee $35 to reschedule another future appointment.  If you cant make the appointment please let your specialist know asap that way there is not fee to reschedule. Same day cancellation is fine as long as it's at least 2hrs advance notification due to illness or emergency. 
  • Your specialist has no obligation to wait for a client if he/she is more than 15 mins late without any advanced notification. For Lash Extension service a certain time is required to  complete to service. If you are more than 15 mins late it will be rescheduled no exception. Thank you.

Tardiness Policy

  • We understand that sometimes being late is not always avoidable. 
  • If you are going to be late please let us know in advance. More than 15 mins your appointment will automatically be canceled.
  • ***Remember I have reserved a certain time for you.If you can not make it give advance notice, this way another client can have the chance to fill in the open spot. Also scheduled appointments are " Schedule by appointment only" which means if a client does not show you stood up your specialist. If you can not make it, a call/text is all is needed to notify.
  • Please give a proper 24 hour notice if need to cancel or reschedule. Remember there are other potential clients on a waiting list.
  • Remember if less than 24 hour notice is given or not at all, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the service price, and a reschedule fee of $35 non refundable. Late clients who still show up but is too late to do the service you will be charged a $35 reschedule fee.
  • A credit card may be needed to reserve an appointment for our discretion for future appointments.

Prices Policy

  • Remember we are always growing and expanding our services to bring you the latest trends and services. We will make every effort to keep our website and spa menu updated, please note prices services are subjected to change at anytime. 
  • Please note some services may vary in a different price depending on special discounts or promotions advertised.

Monetary Policy

  • Facial Entity accepts Cash, Debit Cards and Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates. Credit Card and Debit card transactions will be charge a $2.00 processing fee. Anything over $80 spent on credit is will be a 2% of the charge added to final bill. Personal checks will not be accepted at this time.
  • Please remember gift certificates are non-redeemable or refundable  if reported lost or stolen.

*Refund Policy

  • If a service voucher or Gift Certificate is about to expire,  if the wait time to schedule appointment if past your expiration date, there will be no refunds or exchanges available. If this is a Groupon Voucher you will need to contact them directly and they are responsible for refunds/credit and extensions on Groupon Vouchers. Once the service is used or expired Groupon is responsible if they are willing to refund, or give credit back. Any services purchased through Groupon is a " Groupon Customer" not Facial Entity. Facial Entity can only refund or credit back if its purchased directly from Facial Entity. **A client has good amount of time to schedule an appointment far before a service voucher is about to expire (120 days from purchase) schedule in advance!! Don't wait the month or week of the voucher expiration. Availability is limited and gets booked out fast. 
  • All service sales and gift certificates are final, once used, no refund will be given.
  • Lash Extensions sales are final. No refunds or credit will be given., regardless how long the extensions may last a client since Facial Entity does not guarantee longevity of extensions. The client is paying for the service time and application of the extensions, to be adhered on ,not the longevity of the lash extensions. IF you have any questions feel free to call & text.

Special Condition Policy

  • All Guest will be required to sign a consent form. All guests will complete a brief client questionnaire upon check in designed for clients well being. Consent form will consist of medical and personal questions to better suit your needs or if there is any contraindications with a certain service performed.
  • Remember Facial Entity is looking out for your best interest. Please be honest in your client questionnaire. and let your Specialist know any information that could affect your service.

Age Requirement Policy

  • All guests must be 18 years old or older to receive any treatment or services without approval or accompanied of an adult.
  • If under the age of 18 you will need the consent signature of a parent or guardian to perform any treatments and guardian needs to be present during the service.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

  • Facial Entity believes that every client has the right to privacy and client confidentiality. All intake forms will remain confidential.