Current Facial Entity Policies

*HELLO greetings to you all. Here are some policies that help run Facial Entity and give quality to you and me! These policies are made to help promote quality customers and make our time more efficient. Every business should imply polices and we are not the only ones.Note that policies may change and you will be informed here.

+Arrive on time for existing clients. Late arrival may shorten the service to give the next guest the proper time scheduled.

+New Clients please arrive 12-15 mins early to fill out forms.

+New clients who arrive 12 min late past scheduled time may result in reschedule.

+Getting lost is sometime unavoidable but may be prevented. I have tips on Facebook to make it to any apts. late arrival still does not excuse and the appt may not be kept. Please know your not the only client for the day. IF you know if cant make it on time or early please text or call leave a message to reschedule.

+Some times a treatment may have to be delayed or need a written doctors note to proceed which is a policy and it will not be broken.

+services may not be exchanged with groupon or living social

+please arrive with good spirit and respect other services or clients.

+if using a groupon or living social voucher proof of purchase and coupon code it need at the date of the apt. This reduces scams to merchants etc. Facial Entity can not issue refunds or credit back from them, please contact them directly and they will help you.