Eyelash Extensions A Beautiful Enhancement

always performed by a Licenced Professional Esthetician/Lash Stylist

*Please arrive to your appointment with no eye makeup! 

*Please let your specialist know before appointment if you already have extensions from another place. This adds more time block to remove and start all over.

*Please remove contacts prior to appointment

*Who should NOT get Eyelash Extensions?

  • Clients who had recent eye surgery
  • undergoing chemotherapy or its been less than 8 months since treatment stopped
  • habit of pulling or tugging on natural lashes due to nervousness or anxiety. 
  • Clients with sensitive eyes or sensitive skin.
  • prone to eye infections
  • Have eye conditions
  • consistent watery eyes/puffy eyes
  • have seasonal allergies, (puffy eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes etc. Lash extensions can further irritate the eyes)
  • Clients who rub the eyes a lot during the day or sleeping.
  • Have allergies or sensitivities towards chemicals, makeup products , skincare products etc, the skin.