Should I?

Lash Extension has become very popular over the course of a few years. Not so long ago it was only foreseen on the rich and famous. Now it has become a common beauty enhancement not just seen on celebrities and it has become more affordable. Yes, lash extensions are beautiful and it can give a person such self confidence and enhance ones eye shape, Is this a reason to get lash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone. Lash Extension are wonderful when you have the right experience, in some cases, clients may get irritation from the glue fumes, extensions or eye pads due to eye sensitivities. some clients can have an  allergic reaction. Allergic reaction can occur any time, but usually happens within 24-48 hrs or less. Symptoms include; swollen eyelids, itchiness, watery eyes, redness, eye pain etc. if this happens please contact your specialist and have them removed immediately, to avoid any further allergy.  Irritation can be; redness, watery eyes etc. It is  common for eyes to be red when clients open the eyes after procedure, this can subside with in minutes or couple days. if there is no pain, swollen, itchiness etc,  but with redness with  no pain or other symptoms , client can use allergy eye drops to relief the  redness, and see if redness subsides in couple days, if not it is highly advised to contact your specialist and have them removed. this might be an indication you are not a good candidate due to eye sensitivities. 

*Yes, your specialist will take every precaution to eliminate negative outcomes, but allergic reaction/ irritation due to eye sensitivities or body response is beyond the client or specialist control. please be aware this is a voluntary procedure and client is willing to continue service knowing the risks  that can be caused by  lash extensions.

Lash extensions is a material that is being adhered to the natural lashes with very strong adhesive glue. if you are aware that you have sensitive eyes, have sensitivities to skincare products around the eyes, sensitivities to eye makeup, have water eyes, irritated eyes, rub the eyes constantly, suffer from nature allergies, chemicals etc please know eyelash extension might not be right for you.  

some clients are unaware of how they sleep. sometime clients rub or irritate the eyes while sleeping. yes it is difficult to control your self when you are sleeping, but if the eyes are rubbed on accident it can cause redness or irritation not necessarily  a allergic reaction. 

if a client suffers from seasonal allergies, due to pollen levels, trees, grass etc, it is advised not to get lash extensions. Lash extensions can irritate the eyes more during the allergy seasons, or if client suffer from allergies all year round. 

For additional info on Lash Extensions please visit " Eyelash Extensions Common questions page" if there is further questions or concerns always feel free to contact your specialist

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Clients is never charged to remove the extensions if there is irritation, it is advised to have them removed by your specialist asap, if this occurs. If a  allergic reactions occurs symptoms include: such as swelling , itching, pain on the eyes or eyelids, get the extensions removed asap and seek medical attention immediately, to get appropriate advice and care.