Skin Care Tips from your Esthetician

Exfoliation: This part of a skin care routine is necessary to add to your regular skin care routine. It is advised to exfoliate 2x week if you have dry to sensitive skin. 3x a week if the skin is oily to combination. Do not exfoliate the skin everyday, this will cause redness, dryness, more production of oil, and dry patches. 

                      The client can use different method of exfoliation during the week. example: Facial brush, chemical exfoliation, or a roll off exfoliation.

Cleanse: It is most important to cleanse the face morning and night. double cleanse is great to remove the makeup or skin residue completely. IF the client has sensitive to mature skin do not use cleansers that is harsh. This will cause more dryness, redness or irritation. 

Toner: This step is forgotten. Toner is a skin care method made to balance, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It is advise to use toners with out alcohol base in them, this can cause dryness etc. 

Moisturize: This step is critical. Always moisturize daily. Morning and night is best. if you have oily skin, combination skin, or dry skin, pick moisturizers that is suited for that particular skin type. Good moisturizer is great to hydrate the skin and prevents the skin from premature aging. 

Treat: Always use specialty treatments at night before bedtime. When we sleep the cells are regenerating in  our body and fixing itself the fastest. example: eye cream, firming cream, skincare products that make the skin hyper sensitive such as rentin-a or rentinol etc, is better to use at night than in the morning. 

Sunblock: Why sunblock everyday? Sunblock is great to prevent future skin conditions. It is also a great moisturizer. SPF 30 broad spectrum and above is advise to use. Always bring down any skin care product to the neck, and decollete area and other areas that is exposed to the sun.

Specialty treatments: This includes your visit to your skin care specialist. A visit to your skin care specialist on routine will also optimize health and youthful looking skin longer. 

routine facials are advise 1x a month. to ensure optimal health, stimulation and anti-aging properties it will deliver.

Microdermabrasion treatment: advise every 2-3 weeks for ultimate exfoliations, anti-aging and prevention of future skin conditions, also to treat/minimize current  skin care conditions.  great for all skin type.

Chemical peels: this treatment is advise every 4-6 depending on concentration and type of peel given. This is a chemical exfoliation. Benifits are anti-aging,  recreates a youthful glow , treat/minimize certain skin conditions and  looking  younger longer. 

Take care of your skin! it is a organ and its vital to keep it healthy and in optimal strength. Visit your favorite Esthetician routinely to keep your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. 

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