Super Peel Treatment 30 mins includes 4 or more treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Read Below Prior to appointment! If any apply please contact your specialist and postpone treatment if already scheduled.

*Please arrive with no makeup on the face. lips and eyes are fine. Clients who come with face makeup on, this will take away from the actual service time. Thank you!

*Please remember this is not a facial, it is a treatment.

  • 10 mins of Microdermabrasion to prep skin

  • 20 mins of peel includes neutralization, skin hydration.

*Please read below prior to appointment,if any applies please notify your skin care specialist, your treatment will be delayed*

  • do not work out (vigorous exercise) prior to appointment. at least 3 hrs before appointment. This will cause the skin to be warmer than normal, flustered etc. 
  • skin analysis will be done first. if there is any signs of redness, inflammation, extreme warmth on the face,  or anything listed below , during the analysis the treatment may be prolonged. 
  • People who are planning on going on a vacation where they will be exposed to a lot of sun, before a wedding or any special occasion with in 3-4 weeks. ( due to irritation, purge phase etc.) Some client purge immediately, or within couple days, this is all up to the clients skin.  will be explained by your specialist if it applies to you.
  • Orally or topically taking any medication  or applying medication to the skin that causes hypersensitivities, to the sun or redness/irritation/flakiness to the skin etc. Example: Acne or anti-aging products.
  • Currently using skin care products with Rentinol, Rentin-A (6-8 weeks prior if skin is still red, dry/flaky , irriated, treatment will be prolonged another 2 weeks), Salycilic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Benzel Peroxide, Hychloric Acid, Citric Acid , skin brightening, products 2 weeks prior to appointment etc. Mostly anti-aging or acne products will have these chemicals in them. Remember these make the  skin hyper sensitive to the sun etc.
  • Had a professional chemical peel done within 6 weeks(superficial Peel) 7-8 weeks for Medium depth peels, 6months for deep peels. 
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Allergic to Asprin
  • cosmetic permanent makeup/ tattoo with in 6 weeks
  • Recurring rash, or active, recent rash on facial area.
  • orally taking  any antibiotics prescribed by a Physician.
  • Recent injury to the facial area. or any recent or current bruise on the face area
  • under going chemotherapy or recently stop (6 month min) or longer if advised.
  • Any recent surgery or procedure done on facial area.(includes dental) depends on the circumstance, prolong treatment at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Active herpes
  • Active Acne( red, irritated, open wounds )
  • Any auto-immune disease will need special permission from Physician.
  • warts
  • recent skin removal on face by Doctor 
  • open legions
  •  highly sensitive skin (not advised) alternative skin care treatment is recommended.
  • recent sun burn
  • serious rash that came about or other skin conditions that is recent and has not been diagnoised by a Doctor.
  • allergies to citrus fruit or sugar
  • sensitivities to chemicals, new products etc
  • facial waxing with in 2 weeks
  • Any recent facial treatment such as laser, led treatment,IPL, Dermaplaining, Microblading,skin resurfacing, etc within 6 or 8 weeks prior
  • recent facial injections such as Botox, Dysport, fillers, collagen etc.with in min of 3 weeks or longer.

Please consult your doctor PRIOR to appointment if any apply, please  get special permission.Thank you

  • If pregnant
  • Under going and receiving fertility treatments
  • If nursing/ lactating
  • Had radioactive treatments within 6 months or more
  • Had chemotherapy treatments within 6 months or more
  • Have Diabetes and using medication for diabetes
  • Have any Auto immune disease
  • active herpes or orally ingesting or topically using medication to keep control
  • Or any other conditions that has been diagnosed and regularly see a Doctor every 6 month to a year or more frequent. .

What will I Notice?

( Not Guaranteed) Client should visibly and can feel the difference almost right away, depending on the maturity of the skin and skin type.

  •  exfoliated skin.
  • Skin will feel fresh and cleaner
  • Smaller pore size
  • Rejuvenation of the skin
  • Youthful glow
  • Skin texture will feel softer and a lot smoother 

At least 4-6 Treatments or more is recommended to see optimal results.

(Although result are not guaranteed, if a clients stays on a strict skin care routine it may minimize the appearance listed below.)


  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Age spots
  • sun spots
  • acne scarring 
  • dyness/oiliness 
  • hyperpigmentations

Why this treatment?

(4-6 treatments at 5-6 week intervals is advised for optimal results.)

  • Super peel Anti-aging exfoliation.(add a express facial massage for additional price of $45), is designed to give the skin an extra boost.
  • Yes, a client may choose to receive the treatment separately as well and the effectiveness is still great for the skin.
  • Partnering the Glycolic Chemical peel and the Microdermabrasion together,with a express mini facial included,  it gives the skin an extra exfoliation and the effectiveness of the end results may be greater, depending on the clients skin type and the results she/he is looking for.
  • It is always advised to stay on a strict skin care routine to maintain results.